Nabila CRUD

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Nabila CRUD are additional controller,model and view for your codeigniter code. Nabila CRUD will help programmer to reduce time to create form , grid and security.

There are 3 features on Nabila CRUD : Form, Grid and Security

Form Form is form generator will generate user interface for Create, Read or Update information on database. With Nabila CRUD , Form will generate automatically on Create Mode , Read Mode or Update Mode (call CRUD Mode). Programmer only provide tablename and CRUD mode and automatically Nabila CRUD generate the user interface

Grid Generator Grid is grid generator will generate grid interface with pagination. Grid interface also include Detail, Update and Delete link. Programer also have ability to overwrite grid link.

Security Security is using to managed user access to table and fields on that table. Nabila CRUD using "Table Security" and "Field Security" to filter user access.