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HTML auto indenting view loader

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Indents and removes blank lines in HTML+Javascript - CodeIgniter version

(based on a snippet by JonHoo @

Takes the output from CodeIgniter (when using views) and reformats (prettyprints) it - ie. fixes bad indenting and missing/extra line breaks in the source code before it is sent to the browser.

It does NOT attempt to replace HTML Tidy, which fixes malformed and/or invalid HTML. This function ASSUMES the coders know what they're doing so the input already contains valid HTML.

The code is not 100% foolproof, but close enough, and surprisingly fast. Even so, I wouldn't recommend using it on high-traffic web sites, since there is a processing overhead for every page load.



Simply unzip and place MY_Loader.php in your ./system/app/libraries/ folder. That's it. All output using views will be reformatted automatically.

Known gotchas:

1) Two closing Javascript brackets on the same line will only count as one, IF there are non-whitespace characters between them (although I can't think of a good reason why there ever would be -- except in minified Javascript, and the kind of performance geeks who use inline minified Javascript would hardly want the overhead of a function like this)

2) If a Javascript line containing an opening bracket happens to have a bracketed expression later in the same line, the next line will not be indented (again, outside of minified Javascript, I don't see this happening too often)

3) The script doesn't ignore tags inside string literals and comments

A lot could be done to make this even better, but I'd rather not sacrifice too much more performance for a detail only nitpicking source-snoopers (like myself) will see.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (cc) 2009 Jens Roland

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