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Category:Wiki We need to agree on the organization of the wiki, category names, and special subcategories.

Don't hesitate to help out or join the discussion.


This wiki has to be clearly organised. If it is not organised logically it cannot be of use. If it is not of use there will not be any vistors. The less visitors there are the less contributions there are to expect. The less contributions expected means that the wiki dies. ;(

Structuring the Wiki

When faced with categorizing a code contribution, the first thing that need considering is whether it's an application or a single resource (e.g. library, helper, etc.). Generally, a contribution is considered an application if it consists of mulitple files and/or contains one or more controllers.

When this has been decided, you will need to choose a subcategory. It is preferable to select an existing category, as this will make it easier to find related contributions. If none of the current categories are fitting, however, you are welcome to assign it a new category.

This is the general structure that the wiki should adhere to (including a few example subcategories and articles).

[size=5]Core[/size] .... Tips .... Intergration .... Help [size=5]Applications[/size] .... [size=4]Invoicing[/size] ........ [size=3]BambooInvoice[/size] [size=5]Libraries[/size] .... [size=4]AJAX[/size] .... [size=4]Authentication[/size] ........ [size=3]FreakAuth[/size] ........ [size=3]RA Auth[/size] ........ [size=3]Simplelogin[/size] .... [size=4]Caching[/size] .... [size=4]Sessions[/size] [size=5]Helpers[/size] .... [size=4]Forms[/size] [size=5]Configs[/size] [size=5]Models[/size] [size=5]Views[/size] [size=5]Controllers[/size]



Say we have a new Authorization library we categorize it like Library::Community::Authorization, which will automatically categories it under its parent categories.



I need to come back on this. I have already started doing many changes and fixing a few typos, formatting some code, categorizing entries as I go along...