Problems with Code Igniter

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List problems with solutions for Code Igniter here.

Headers already sent Problems occurs when you try sent headers after there has been output somewhere. Check all files for spaces before <? and after ?>, make sure to remove them all. Other problem could be that your editor is saving in unicode or whatever where it shouldn't, consult the manual of the editor to fix this.

.htaccess doesn't work Check here, or here

Safe mode problem with email Check this thread.

*PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_instance() in .../system/libraries/Input.php on line 855 * The simplest solution is around line 855 in input.php: function _html_entity_decode_callback($match) { $charset = config_item('charset');

    return $this->_html_entity_decode($match[0], strtoupper($charset));

The error is however caused because in codeigniter.php the Base4/5.php file is only loaded after the Input-class. In the Base4/5.php file the get_instance() function is written and it is conditionally loaded so it won’t be present until after it is loaded. Therefore the function is not present, yet. Another fix would probably be moving the IN=& load_class(’Input’); after the loading of the base4/5.php file. I haven’t checked though. Neither would I really know the benefits of either solution.

Segmented URLS not working Check this thread.