mPDF with Codeigniter

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i have try to find how to make PDF with Codeigniter... but i just find fPDF but that is so Hard... and other way...

now i can add mPDF to Codeigniter 1.7..

Step 1 download mPDF first.. Step 2 extract that file.. i rename it to mpdf.. and place outside or inside of your CI application Step 3 copy mpdf/mpdf.php to CI library.. and Open mpdf.php to change some row...


if (!defined('_MPDF_PATH')) define('_MPDF_PATH','');


if (!defined('_MPDF_PATH')) define('_MPDF_PATH','mpdf/');

i place mpdf outside of my CI application Step 4 that is ready to use.. in Controller

$this->mpdf->WriteHTML('<p>Hello There</p>');

Step 5 Enjoy ^_^