common auth API for CI

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This page is a kind of RFC for building a common API for authentication libraries. Since there is no such core lib, at least we could decide a common interface.

here is the forum thread

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Quoting benlm, we could start with this structure:

Level 1 would be a library which would have functions like login, logout, register etc. that handle the DB manipulation, sessions, etc. but no views.

Level 2 would have the basic form validation and processing code with defined form parameters and a dead-simple sample view for each (No flash messages, no containers/templates etc.)

Level 3 would have the kitchen sink (views,flash messages, emails sent on password change, etc. with a million configurable parameters)



user group or level

permissions levels



'inside code checking'


user interface


config for manual or automatic activation

custom user profiles


remember me

remember login ID only or password also

password reset


password change


retrieve user info




track logged in users


enable black list / kick out