CI Template Library for ZendStudio

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This is a first release of the CI Template Library for Zend Studio. How it works? Simply ... instead of write a lot of code like:

class News extends Controller 
    function News()
    function index()
        // your own code

You only need type:


And all the code will be wrote.

By now I only add templates for almost all Database Class Functions and some others like Controller, Models and load Config Items.

I'm expect for your suggestions.


CI Template Library for ZStudio v1.0 (CI 1.5.2 and Ci 1.5.3)

What's new on CI Template Library for ZStudio v1.2: Included templates for most used helpers:

  • Array Helper
  • Cookie Helper
  • Form Helper
  • HTML Helper
  • URL Helper Change some types like: cicontroller now is cicont, cimodel now is cimod and some others