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Reference page for UCOSP and Facebook Open Academy students

This page is for various notes regarding UCOSP or Facebook Open Academy students and their contribution to Umple. UCOSP brings groups of students to participate in 4th year Capstone projects every semester. Some of them work on Umple. Work is mostly done remotely, although there is a code sprint at the start of every semester where the students physically get together.

UCOSP students are asked to log all their accomplishments, difficulties and other experiences with Umple in their own wiki pages listed below. Treat these as your own personal mini-blog pages. Add the most recent entries at the top. Other students will learn from your experiences, and other Umple team members will be able to see what you have been doing. To see the logs of previous students, click on the links at the end of this page. You can learn a lot from reading those logs.

This Semester's group: September-December 2018

Resources for UCOSP Students

  • All UCOSP students should read the Umple user manual and also key wiki pages, particularly PhilosophyAndVision, BestUmpleUsePractices, DevelopmentSetUp, Architecture, ContributionProcessToUmple and learn how to create pull requests on the Tutorials page.

  • Your development environment must have: Ant, PhP 5, Java 8-10, Ruby, Eclipse up to date version. Minimum OS configuration in general a version of Mac, Linux or Windows from the last two years. Unix flavors (i.e. Mac or Linux) are suggested over Windows, since development of Umple on Unix-like platforms tends to be easier.

  • A page of sample Umple/UML modeling problems students can try to model in at SampleModelingProblems. Actually doing some modelling is a great way to learn the strengths of Umple, and to find things that need improvement.

  • The page of tasks suggested for Ucosp students is at: Issues tagged ucosp. When tasks are actually being worked on by a particular student, they will be assigned to that student.

  • A full list of larger issues suitable for UCOSP can also be found by looking at the Issues tagged ProjectUG

The page UCOSPIssues expands on the above.

UCOSP students can work this semester on any issue approved by the team, however the list of issues found in the milestone set up for each semester is suggested.

Logs from former groups of students

Jan-April 2018 Code Sprint in Ottawa

Sept-Dec 2017 Code Sprint In Toronto

Jan-April 2017 (Code Srint in Toronto)

Sep-Dec 2016 (Code Sprint in Toronto)

Jan-Apr 2016 (Code Sprint in Toronto)

Sep-Dec 2015 (Code Sprint in Vancouver)

Jan-Apr 2015 (Code Sprint in Vancouver)

: Sept-Dec 2014 (Code Sprint in Toronto)

Jan-April 2014 (Code Sprint at Facebook in Califormia)

Sept - Dec 2013 (Code Sprint at Mozilla in Toronto)

Jan - April 2013 (Code Sprint at Facebook in Palo Alto)

September - December 2012 (Code Sprint at University of Waterloo)

January - April 2012 (Code Sprint in Vancouver at UBC)

September - December 2011 (Code Sprint at University of Toronto)

Logs were not yet used for this group.

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