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May 21, 2019
Pre-release version

@philippjfr philippjfr released this Apr 11, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

Minor release closely following up on 0.5.0 updating version requirements to include the officially released bokeh 1.1.0. This release also includes contributions from @philippjfr (with fixes for pipeline and embed features), @xavArtley (addition of a new widget) and @banesullivan (fixes for VTK support).


  • Addition of Spinner widget for numeric inputs (#368)


  • Skip jslinked widgets when using embed (#376)
  • Correctly revert changes to pipelines when stage transitions fail (#375)
  • Fixed bug handling scalar arrays in VTK pane (#372)
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Apr 11, 2019
Pre-release version

@jbednar jbednar released this Apr 9, 2019 · 42 commits to master since this release

Major new release, greatly improving usability and capabilities. Includes contributions from @philippjfr (docs, better layouts, and many other features), @xavArtley (VTK support, Ace code editor), @banesullivan (VTK support), @jbednar and @rtmatx (docs), @jsignell (docs, infrastructure, interact support), and @jlstevens (labels for parameters).

Major new features:

  • Now uses Bokeh 1.1's greatly improved layout system, requiring far fewer manual adjustments to spacing (#32)
  • Greatly expanded docs, now with galleries (#241, #251, #265, #281, #318, #332, #347, #340)
  • Allow embedding app state, to support static HTML export of panels (#250)
  • Added new GridSpec layout type, making it simpler to make grid-based dashboards (#338)
  • Added VTK 3D object pane (#312, #337, #349, #355, #363)
  • Added Ace code editor pane (#359)
  • Allow defining external JS and CSS resources via config, making it easier to extend Panel (#330)
  • Add HTML model capable of executing JS code, allowing more complex embedded items (#326)
  • Add a KaTeX and MathJax based LaTeX pane, replacing the previous limited matplotlib/PNG-based support (#311)

Other new features:

  • Allow passing Parameter instances to Param pane, making it much simpler to work with individual parameters (#303)
  • Added parameter for widget alignment (#367)
  • Allow specifying initial value when specifying min/max/step for interact (#334)
  • Add support for param.Number step (#365)
  • Add a PeriodicCallback (#348)
  • Expose curdoc and session_context when using serve (#336)
  • Add support for saving and loading embedded data from JSON (#301)
  • Add support for specifying arbitrary label for Parameters (#290)
  • Add ColorPicker widget (#267)
  • Add support for interact title (#266)

Bugfixes and minor improvements:

Changes potentially affecting backwards compatibility:

  • Refactored io subpackage (#315)
  • Moved panes and widgets into subpackage (#283)
  • Cleaned up wdiget, deploy, and export APIs (#268, #269)
  • Renamed pane precedence to priority to avoid confusion with Param precedence (#235)
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