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Acronyms and Terms

  • [incr tsdb()]: Compentence and Performance Profiler - test and evaluation environment

  • DELPH-IN: Deep Linguistic Processing with HPSG Initiative

  • ERG: English Resource Grammar - broad-coverage grammar of English

  • LKB: Linguistic Knowledge Builder - grammar development platform

  • Matrix: HPSG Grammar Matrix - language-independent starter kit

  • MRS: Minimal Recursion Semantics - underspecified, flat meaning representation language

  • MGRG: Modern Greek Resource Grammar

  • NorSource: Norwegian HPSG Resource Grammar

  • PET: Platform for Experimentation with Efficient HPSG Processing Techniques - high-effiency parser

  • Redwoods:

  • SEM-I: Semantic Interface (aka ‘MRS API’): declares things that might appear in an MRS (RmrsSemi)

  • VPM: Variable Property Mapping: translates grammar-internal aspects to SEM-I compatible MRS (RmrsVpm)