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FrancisBond edited this page Aug 13, 2012 · 6 revisions

This page describes how to take a grammar without chart mapping, and set up the basic infrastructure for chart mapping.

It is being written based on my (FrancisBond's) own experiences with setting up Jacy, and should not in any way be considered a reliable introduction, although I will do my best: PeterAdolphs and StephanOepen hold the hidden truth.

What do you need

  • types for token manipulation tmt.tdl

  • token-mapping-rules tmr/*

  • generic-lexical-entries gle.tdl

These are all read in your grammar definition language.tdl:

:begin :type.
   :include "matrix.tdl".
   :include "fundamentals.tdl".
   :include "rule-types.tdl".
   :include "principles.tdl".
   :include "letypes.tdl".
   :include "tmt.tdl".
:end :type.

:begin :instance :status token-mapping-rule.
   :include "tmr/prelude".
   :include "tmr/pos".
   :include "tmr/pos-ipa".
   :include "tmr/finis".
:end :instance.

:begin :instance :status generic-lex-entry.
   :include "gle.tdl".
:end :instance.

These do the bulk of the setup (you can get them from Jacy and if your grammar is reasonbably Matrix compliant they may just work.

You also need to explictly set the #FROM, #TO labels for rules that add their own content, helpfully identified by having non-empty C-CONT. For Jacy, we never have more than two things, so the rules were all made to inherit from one or the other of c-cont-1 and c-cont-2, which effectively say the introduced predicate is treated as though it spans the entire construction.

c-cont-1 := phrase-or-lexrule &
 [ STEM [FROM #from,
         TO #to ],
   C-CONT.RELS <! [ CFROM #from, 
                    CTO #to ] !>].

c-cont-2 := phrase-or-lexrule &
 [ STEM [FROM #from,
         TO #to ],
   C-CONT.RELS <! [ CFROM #from, 
                    CTO #to ],
                [ CFROM #from, 
                  CTO #to ] !>].

You also need to add the following to the matrix.tdl:

;;; make STEM of type orthog(raphy) to pass up from/to/form
sign-min := avm &
  [ STEM orthog ].

orthog := cons &
  [ FROM string,
    TO string ].