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(Out-of-date) Grammar Summary for ERG from 2006

See for current information.

Grammar English Resource Grammar (ERG)
Language/Dialect English, Standard American
Authors Dan Flickinger, Rob Malouf, Emily Bender
Start date 1994
Person-years to date 17
Source available (link)
Documentation: publications
Documentation online (link) No
Online demo (link)
License MIT
Version 24-May-06
Number of lexical leaf types 864
Total number of lexical types 1822
Number of lexical rules 26
Number of syntactic rules 153
Total number of types (no GLBs) 4303
Lexical entries: Hand-built 24191
Lexical entries: External source 0
Lines of TDL (excl lexicon) 28610
Lines of comments 5757
External morphology No
Preprocessor Yes: finite state in LKB
Lexical database Yes
Unknown word mechanism Yes: TNT POS-based in PET
Idioms Yes
Test suites DELPHINROOT/lingo/lkb/src/tsdb/skeletons
- name:domain (items) csli:phenom (1348) mrs:semantics (107)
hike:tourism (330) rondane:tourism (1424)
logon:tourism (9411) vm:meetings (12393)
ec:ecommerce (5867) trec9:q-a (693)
Treebanks and
Parse-ranking model Yes, from LOGON treebanks
Generation (trigger rules) Yes
Realization-ranking model Yes, from LOGON treebanks
Paraphrasing rules Yes
Application(s) MT, email response
Processing engines LKB, PET, ACE, (LILFES)
Operating systems Linux, Windows, MacOS

Calculate Numbers

  • Lines of TDL (excl lexicon)
  mkdir /tmp/counttdl
  cd <grammardir>
  cp *.tdl /tmp/counttdl
  cd /tmp/counttdl
  rm lexicon.tdl
  cat *.tdl > total
  wc -l total              
  • Lines of comments
  grep -e '^;' *.tdl | wc -l
  • Number of lexical leaf types
  cd /tmp/counttdl
  grep "_le :=" *.tdl | wc -l
  • Total number of lexical types
  cd /tmp/counttdl
  cat <lextypefiles> > ltypes
  grep ":=" ltypes | wc -l
  • Lexical entries - Hand-built
  cd <grammardir>
  grep ":=" <lexfiles> | wc -l
  • Number of syntactic rules
  cd <grammardir>
  grep ":=" <rules> | wc -l
  • Total number of types (no GLBs)
  cd /tmp/counttdl
  grep ":=" total | wc -l
  grep ":<" total | wc -l