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ABRT is a tool that helps users to detect defects in applications and to create a bug report with all information needed by a maintainer to fix it. It uses plugin system to extend its functionality.

Spacewalk & ABRT

The main purpose of this plug-in is to send number of crashes that happened on a given machine back to the spacewalk server and gain attention of the sysadmin, who should investigate these crashes and/or configure ABRT reporting so these issues doesn't go unnoticed.

After installing spacewalk-abrt package rhn-check will automatically start reporting ABRT information back to the server.

Currently, the number of crashes is shown only on system detail page (systems/details/Overview.do) under Application crashes header. If there are no ABRT data available, it prompts the user for installing spacewalk-abrt package.

Later, this feature can be extended to

  • display data on summary (YourRhn.do) page;
  • collect more information about crashes.

Following issues were identified recently:

  • if the spacewalk-abrt package is removed from the system, data on the server remain unchanged, showing inaccurate information;
  • time of the last crash should be present.