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Howdy Spacewalkers,

Spacewalk 0.6 is finally here! In a few hours, Spacewalk 0.6 will be available for installing. With this release, as with previous releases, Spacewalk 0.4 will no longer be available for download.<arch>/os/<arch>/os/<arch>/os/

Make sure to read over the installation again:

If you are upgrading from 0.5 to 0.6, please checkout:

Features & Enhancements

  • Spacewalk 0.6 is available for Fedora 11!

  • support for SHA256 in rpm

  • large (2+GB) rpm support (requires rpm 4.6)

  • ability to import a yum repo into a channel

  • script based reporting:

  • hopefully a better jabberd experience than in Spacewalk 0.5

  • KVM support

  • and more APIs:

    • errata.delete
    • monitoring.*
    • org.list*Entitlements
    • packages.getDetails
    • system.config.scheduleImport

Bugs fixed

Known issues

  • PostgreSQL support does not work, but the infrastructure has been committed. We will need help with moving this forward.

  • Fedora GPG key not recognized by rhnPackageKey table, packages will show up as unknown Provider.

  • Documentation search does not work, other search are unaffected.


Installation Help

jesus m. rodriguez

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