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User Documentation

In this section you can find user documentation for Spacewalk. Are you a developer? You may also be interested in the Developer Documentation and Source/RPM Download Information.

Is there documentation missing or you simply would like to see? Is there something you would like to understand better? Please feel free to let us know using the mailing list or look for us on #spacewalk on

Do you know the answer to something and think others might find it useful? Feel free to add your own docs and/or additions, it is a wiki you know.

Getting Started



Post-Installation Guides

Core Guides

General Documentation

Advanced Guides

Ongoing Maintenance and Administration

In-depth Guides

Core API Reference

Other Documentation

Up/Down-stream Documentation

Related Technology Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Known Issues & Current Limitations

Installation Issues

GUI Issues

Configuration Issues

Networking Issues

Database Issues




Installation Guides

Upgrade Notes

Upgrade guides, sequential, stepped upgrades are recommended to cover multiple update levels, i.e. to get from 0.6 to 0.8 please upgrade via 0.7 (and we recommend testing at each intermediate level as you proceed) rather than trying to go directly from 0.6 to 0.8. Jumping levels is deeply discouraged with the exception of version 0.9 which was never released.

If you are looking for instructions on how to upgrade the operating system underlying your Spacewalk without upgrading your Spacewalk, follow the instructions described in HowToUpgradeOperatingSystem.

Release Notes

Release notes for each version:


Licensing and Copyright

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