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Java edit on place

Let's say you want to edit a single .java file on existing running machine. Let's say the file you want to edit is (picked up by random):

  • Create your temporary working dir

    cd /tmp
    mkdir -p com/redhat/rhn/domain/kickstart/

  • Transfer desired java file to your server

    scp yourmachine:/yourdir/java/src/com/redhat/rhn/domain/kickstart/ com/redhat/rhn/domain/kickstart/

  • Compile using required libs

    javac -extdirs /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/rhn/WEB-INF/lib/ com/redhat/rhn/domain/kickstart/

  • Add .class to rhn.jar

    jar uf /usr/share/rhn/lib/rhn.jar com/redhat/rhn/domain/kickstart/KickstartCommand.class /etc/init.d/tomcat5 restart