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Spacewalk wiki

How to contribute to Spacewalk wiki

  1. Make sure you have GitHub account.
  2. Fork spacewalkproject/spacewalk-wiki into your account.
  3. Make changes in your forked spacewalk-wiki repository.
  4. Open new PR for spacewalkproject/spacewalk-wiki.

How to test your changes before opening PR

  1. Fork spacewalkproject/spacewalk into your account.

  2. Go to<youraccount>/spacewalk/wiki and click Create the first page and initialize wiki repository with some content.

  3. Clone your forked spacewalk-wiki repository to your workstation.

     $ git clone<youraccount>/spacewalk-wiki.git
  4. Go to the spacewalk-wiki repository and add a remote called wiki pointing to the repository.

     $ cd spacewalk-wiki
     $ git remote add wiki<youraccount>/
  5. Make some new changes in test branch.

     $ git checkout -b test
     $ git commit
  6. Publish test branch changes to repository.

     $ git push -f wiki test:master
  7. Check your changes on web -<youraccount>/spacewalk/wiki.

  8. Now you can even edit wiki pages using GitHub web UI and then pull changes back to your working copy.

     $ git pull wiki master
  9. When you are happy with changes in your working copy, publish these changes to forked spacewalk-wiki repository and open PR from test branch.

     $ git push -f origin test:test
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