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Things to do:

* Support sun4v to same extent as other hardware platforms we currently support, such as sun4u - Fixed and development side testing done. 

Solaris Client Changes:

* Fix rhnclient/rhn/client/ getArch() to support sun4v 

* Fix rhnclient/rhn/client/ getUnameArch() to support sun4v 

Database Schema Changes:

* Fix eng/schema/rhnsat/tables/rhnCpuArch_data.sql, rhnPackageArch_data.sql, rhnServerArch_data.sql, rhnServerChannelArchCompat_data, rhnServerServerGroupArchCompat_data.sql, rhnServerPackageArchCompat_data.sql, rhnChannelPackageArchCompat_data.sql to support sun4v 

* Fix eng/schema/rhnsat/tables/rhnServerPackageArchCompat_data.sql to add compatibility of "sun4u" with noarch packages and patches. 

Customer Bugs/Request for this:

* Bug 238435: Satellite Support for Solaris Sun4v -
* Bug 431502: Architecture `sparc-sun4v-solaris' is not supported -