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Meta-Wiki Page

This is a page to document the documentation as it were, basically just a place to put requests for further doucmentation if you think something is missing, a page to keep a list of stuff that needs working on and a road map to keep track of bigger ideas...

User Documentation Requests

  • A Preface

  • A Managing RHEL Systems page.

  • A Managing CentOS Systems page.

  • Dependency Notes - Version 0.7?

  • Dependency Notes - Version 0.6?

  • Dependency Notes - Version 0.5?

Documentation Marked as Work in Progress/Todo List

To update this click this link and then just pull out the conventions, this and the user docs front page...

User Docs Road Map

A place to record larger general improvements to the user documentation and to anticipate pages and things that will need updating when a new release is available...

  • Update the conventions page to include some more guidelines perhaps. Specifically PageOutline, underlining of first header and some sort of template footer with a link back to the user docs?
  • Move everything applicable to being a sub-page of UserDocs (i.e. UserDocs/Meta-WikiPage).
  • Add diagrams and screen shots where possible.

Things to update upon release

  • Pull the release notes from the email list and put them into a new page, shuffle the old version to a numbered version.

  • Ditto the howtoinstall page.

  • Generate a ListofRPMsInstalled page and add to appendices.

  • Review the "Known Issues & Current Limitations" section.

  • Review the "Brain Box" section to see if any features have been added.