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Spacewalk 2.7 Release Notes

Hello everyone,

We are proudly announcing release of Spacewalk 2.7, a systems management solution.

The download locations are

with client repositories under

SUSE Linux client packages can be found here

For fresh installations, please use steps from

If you plan to upgrade from older release, search no more -- the following page will guide you:

Features & Enhancements in Spacewalk 2.7

  • Spacewalk now supported on Fedora 25 and Fedora 26
  • Spacewalk supports Fedora 25 and Fedora 26 clients
  • Improved Debian/Ubuntu version parsing and matching
  • Spacewalk wiki now hosted on GitHub
  • Significant improvements to channel synchronization speed
  • New utility to monitor what taskomatic daemon is doing - taskotop is part of spacewalk-utils package
  • jabberd, which support OSAD, now uses sqlite database for improved reliability
  • jpackage libraries/packages replaced with standard ones
  • Improved kickstart profile support
  • New API calls:
    • channel.listManageableChannels
    • schedule.failSystemAction
  • API calls restored for backward compatibility:
    • proxy.createMonitoringScout
    • satellite.isMonitoringEnabled
    • satellite.isMonitoringEnabledBySystemId

The up-to-date API documentation can be found at


Our thanks go to the community members who contributed to this release:

  • Avi Miller
  • Can Bulut Bayburt
  • Candace Sheremeta
  • Chris Gavin
  • Dario Leidi
  • Duncan Mac-Vicar P
  • Frantisek Kobzik
  • Ilya Gorbunov
  • Jakub Jankowski
  • Kenny Tordeurs
  • Laurence Rochfort
  • Marc A. Dahlhaus
  • Marcelo Moreira de Mello
  • Martin Matuska
  • Martin Seidl
  • Michael Calmer
  • Michele Bologna
  • Miroslav Suchý
  • Pablo Suárez Hernández
  • Patrick Hurrelmann
  • Shannon Hughes
  • Silvio Moioli
  • Valérian Beaudoin

see Contributor List for all contributors list

Some statistics

In Spacewalk 2.7, we've seen

* 219 major bugs fixed
* 880 changesets committed
* 1463 commits done

Github repo for commits since Spacewalk 2.6

User community, reporting issues

To reach the user community with questions and ideas, please use mailing list On this list, you can of course also discuss issues you might find when installing or using Spacewalk, but please do not be surprised if we ask you to file a bug at with more details or full logs.

Thank you for using Spacewalk.

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