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Spacewalk 1.1 Release Notes

Hello everyone,

Spacewalk 1.1 has been released!



For new installations, consult:

For upgrades, consult:

Features and enhancements

  • First Spacewalk release built in a publicly available build system.

  • Spacewalk 1.1 runs on Fedora 13

  • Introduction of spacecmd, a command line interface to Spacewalk.

  • Support for synchronization of comps files.

  • support for staging content - ability to have all updates pulled off Spacewalk onto registered systems prior to the start of maintenance window

  • support for eliminating orphaned (duplicate) profiles.

  • new API calls:


  • configchannel.listSubscribedSystems

  • kickstart.profile.downloadRenderedKickstart

  • org.setSoftwareFlexEntitlements

  • schedule.rescheduleActions

  • system.convertToFlexEntitlement

  • system.deletePackageProfile

  • system.deleteSystem

  • system.listDuplicatesByHostname

  • system.listDuplicatesByIp

  • system.listDuplicatesByMac

  • system.listEligibleFlexGuests

  • system.listFlexGuests

  • system.listLatestAvailablePackage

  • system.listPackageProfiles

  • systemgroup.scheduleApplyErrataToActive

  • localization updates

Known issues


Thank you goes out to the following people who contributed to Spacewalk 1.1 release:

  • Aron Parsons
  • Colin Coe
  • James Hogarth
  • Joshua Roys
  • Lukas Durfina
  • Maxim Burgerhout
  • Paul Morgan
  • Satoru SATOH

Regards -- Milan Zazrivec

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