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How to create a test rpm with scratch build

If you need to build a test rpm to check your changes (commited into git) then scratch build is what you want.

First of all you need an srpm of with your changes

    cd <package dir>
    tito build --test --srpm

This will create package.src.rpm with the latest commited changes for you. Then there are three options where to run the scratch build:


If you have a Fedora account (aka FAS) log into and create new project (click 'New Project'). Decide for which operating system(s) you will do scratch builds (e.g. Fedora 25 / x86_64) and then fill in

    Project Name:  spacewalk-scratch
    Description:   My Spacewalk scratch builds
    Chroots:       [x] fedora-25-x86_64
    External Repositories: copr://@spacewalkproject/nightly
    Other Options: [x] Project will not be listed on home page

and click 'Create'. Then you can create a new build, go to

  • 'Builds' tab > 'New Build' > 'Upload SRPM' > 'Browse'

select your package.src.rpm, click 'Build'. Binary packages will be found via<username>/spacewalk-scratch/builds/


Once you create spacewalk-scratch project you can also use copr-cli to submit build and download build results (setup cli -

    copr-cli build spacewalk-scratch package.src.rpm

Download build results (including logs)

    copr-cli download-build <build id>


Third (and mostly the fastest) way to run a scratch build is locally on your workstation using mock.

Install mock; on Fedora

    dnf install mock

or on RHEL / CentOS 7 (it's in EPEL repo)

    rpm -Uvh
    yum install mock

Configure build root (e.g. Fedora 25 / x86_64)

    mkdir ~/.mock
    cp /etc/mock/fedora-25-x86_64.cfg ~/.mock/spacewalk-fedora-25-x86_64.cfg
    # rename buildroot to spacewalk-fedora-25-x86_64
    sed -i "/config_opts\['root'\]/ s/= '/= 'spacewalk-/" ~/.mock/spacewalk-fedora-25-x86_64.cfg
    # add spacewalk nightly repo
    sed -i '$ s,""",\n[group_spacewalkproject-nightly]\nname=Copr repo for nightly owned by @spacewalkproject\nbaseurl=$releasever-$basearch/\ngpgcheck=0\nenabled=1\n""",' ~/.mock/spacewalk-fedora-25-x86_64.cfg

and now you can run local scratch build (they run in chroot /var/lib/mock/spacewalk-fedora-25-x86_64 and do not mess your workstation OS)

    mock -r ~/.mock/spacewalk-fedora-25-x86_64.cfg --rebuild package.src.rpm

Build results (including logs) will be in


Note: If you want to scratch build RHEL 6 or RHEL 7 packages in COPR you have to add java to 'External repositories' (in addition to spacewalk nightly):
For RHEL 6 or RHEL 7 scratch builds in mock you have to add the above java repos to your mock config file.

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