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Spacewalk 1.5 Release Notes

Hello world,

we are happy to announce the release 1.5 of Spacewalk, a systems management solution.

The download locations are

with client repositories under

If you want to do fresh installation, use steps from

If you plan to upgrade from older release, the following page can be useful:

Features & Enhancements in Spacewalk 1.5

  • It is possible to edit schedule of taskomatic jobs via WebUI
  • AutoYaST Support
  • Fine-grained search (ability to disable fuzzy search)
  • The satellite-sync downloads rpm files in four concurrent threads
  • Spacewalk 1.5 can be installed on Fedora 15
  • Modified API calls:
    • errata.listPackages returns file attribute
    • user.getDetails returns use_pam attribute
  • New API calls:
    • channel.listVendorChannels is now equivalent and preferred to channel.listRedHatChannels
    • errata.cloneAsOriginal


Our thanks go to the community members who contributed to this release:

  • Andreas Rogge
  • Aron Parsons
  • Ionuț Arțăriși
  • Jan Brázdil
  • Johannes Renner
  • Jonathan Hoser
  • Julian Einwag
  • Marcelo Moreira de Mello
  • Mario Schugowski
  • Matteo Sessa
  • Michael Calmer
  • Paresh Mutha
  • Šimon Lukašík
  • Uwe Gansert
  • Ville Salmela

Some statistics

In Spacewalk 1.5, we've seen

* 81  bugs solved 
* 624 changesets committed 
* 904 commits done 

Thank you for using Spacewalk! Keep the patches flowing!