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Code Analysis

A page that captures what code is what, and what it does.

All package names are assumed to be prefixed with com.redhat.rhn.

  • client
  • common
  • domain
  • frontend - one of the largest packages in the codebase
    • action - has all of the struts actions in support of the jsp view. This package will required major refactoring. There are a lot of old actions that use a Setup/Submit type of format. We also have a number of ways of doing ListTags and confirmation pages.
    • configuration.tags - this should be move to the taglibs package with the other taglibs.
    • context - contains a support class for the Locale and other infrastructure.
    • dto - Data Transfer Objects used for the UI.
    • events - event and action classes used by the Messaging infrastructure.
    • filter - not sure what this is for.
    • graphing - generates graphing for monitoring; do we move this to the common package.
    • html - HTML generating utility classes.
    • listview - support classes from the original listview and used by the old listtag.
    • nav - ok. Contains the Navi code
    • security - remove or refactor this code, it is a remnant of the hosted days that is no longer needed.
    • servlets - contains the servlet infrastructure classes and servlet filters. The one set of classes that needs to get gutted are the PxtSessionDelegate* classes. The rest look ok.
    • strings - ok. used to load the StringResource files.
    • struts - this needs some major refactoring especially with anything relating to the ListTag code. Also remove StrutsDelegate* code.
      • wizard - ok. used for creating wizard uis like the one for kickstart creation.
    • taglibs - tag libraries. Need to remove the old
    • xmlrpc - XML-RPC api handlers. Biggest problem is consistency between api calls.
  • manager
  • task - contains the taskomatic tasks. Need to move task package into the taskomatic/task package;
  • taskomatic move the current classes to a core subpackage; add a task subpackage as well.
  • testing - do we move these into common
  • webapp - contains a single ServletListener.
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