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Hola Spacewalkers,

The Spacewalk team is happy to announce another release of Spacewalk. In a few hours, Spacewalk 0.5 will be available for install. As with previous releases, 0.3 will no longer be available.

NOTE: upgrades are not yet available for 0.5. We hope to have these instructions ready later this week.

Also note, that the URL for the repo has changed. The OLD url was:<arch><arch>

The NEW url is:<arch>/os/<arch>/os/

Make sure to read over the installation again:

Features & Enhancements

Bugs fixed

Known issues


  • jabberd 2.2 fails on el5 installs. if you want to use osa-dispatcher on el5, you need to do the following:

    • uninstall jabberd 2.2
    • install jabberd 2.0
    • use 2.0 configs
    • restart both jabberd and osa-dispatcher


Installation Help works on Fedora too :D

jesus m. rodriguez