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Spacewalk 1.3 Release Notes

Hello world,

Spacewalk 1.3 is now available for download from


depending on your operating system, with client repositories under


Check the installation steps at

* [[HowToInstall]]

or if you will upgrade from older release, consult

* [[HowToUpgrade]]

Features & Enhancements in Spacewalk 1.3

    * Spacewalk can now be installed and run on RHEL 6
    * Server side support for apt-get
    * Spacewalk on PostgreSQL can be upgraded from older versions
    * Spacewalk on Oracle now uses Oracle InstantClient version 11g
    * Spacewalk Proxy works with Spacewalk on PostgreSQL
* tnsnames.ora file no longer needed
    * New API calls:
    * system.getUuid
    * errata.publishAccordingToParents
* Extended API calls:
    * system.listPackages by id
      system.getSubscribedBaseChannel by last_modified

Some notes about apt-get plug-in

Spacewalk 1.3 contains server support for apt-get plug-in. An experimental apt-get plug-in client package is available at Feel free to try it and report any issues. This plug-in package will be enhanced during the Spacewalk 1.4 cycle.

For more information check: * RegisteringClients

Some notes about the PostgreSQL support

PostgreSQL support is limited similar to Spacewalk 1.2.

* [[PostgreSQL]]

Community contributors

We thank the community members who contributed to this release:

* Ani Peter
* Aron Parsons
* Colin Coe
* Luc de Louw
* Johannes Renner
* John van Zantvoort
* Marcelo Moreira de Mello
* Paresh Mutha
* Simon Lukasik

* [[ContributorList]]

Bug fixes and commits

In Spacewalk 1.3 there were:

  • 123 bugs solved
  • 964 changesets committed
  • 1275 commits done


Tomas Lestach

RHN Satellite Engineering, Red Hat