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Are you familiar with Python, Java or Perl? Look at some reported bugs and pick up one. Assign it to yourself and start working on it. When you are done send us a pull request. Did not find anything interesting for you? Check brainbox or come up with your own idea.

Did you write some useful script which uses Spacewalk API? Share it with the others!


Just use Spacewalk and report any bugs you find.

Go through bug list and test older bugs whether they are still valid. Sometimes bug is fixed as a side effect of other fix. You may find such case and close the bug as CURRENTRELEASE without any work!


A lot of Spacewalk programs or configuration files do not have a manual page. Do you want to write it?

We need general documentation of Spacewalk. You did not find documentation for the task you are currently doing? Just create a new wiki page and document what it is you did. Some existing documentation is outdated and you may review it and update it.

Although we have some documentation, we still have wide areas undocumented. Just start reading code and document it. We use epydoc style for python and Javadoc for Java. The documentation is inline in code. So send result as a pull request. This is the best start if you want to start coding, but you are not familiar with our code base.


You can submit PR to this wiki. More details can be found here.

Help others

Or you can just hang on IRC or mailing list and try to answer questions others may have.


Our translations live in Fedora's Zanata instance (as of 2014-DEC). We have two projects:

In each project, you'll see locked versions for each release of Spacewalk, and a master version. When a new release is prepared, a new version is cloned from master and locked. Any translations can be added to the master version.

Feel free to pick a language and translate away!


We could not accept any money directly. But since Spacewalk is heavily sponsored by Red Hat, if you buy Red Hat Satellite, you directly support development of Spacewalk.