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Configuration Management


  • File Support:

  • Binary Files

  • Text files

  • Directories

  • Sym-links

  • File Attribute support:

  • User/Group ownership

  • Mode Permission

  • SELinux permissions

Getting started

This assumes you have pushed the Spacewalk client repository to your Spacewalk server and subscribed a server to it.

  • Install the client utilities:
    yum install rhncfg*
  • Enable config management:
    rhn-actions-control --enable-all
  • Within the web GUI create a configuration channel and add files.
  • Subscribe the client to the configuration channel.
  • Either schedule a config deploy from the webUI or run 'rhncfg-client get' on the client.

Client utility functions

rhncfg-client - Meant for managing the configuration files in relation to what is on the client.

  • diff
  • get
  • list
  • elist
  • channels
  • verify

rhncfg-manager -- Meant for managing the configuration files on the server.

  • add
  • create-channel
  • diff
  • diff-revisions
  • download-channel
  • get
  • list
  • list-channels
  • remove
  • remove-channel
  • revisions
  • update
  • upload-channel


  1. Can I automatically restart a service after a configuration file is deployed?

    No, you can schedule a separate remote command though. Hopefully this is coming soon.

  2. Can I upload files to the local sandbox or override list from the client (not to a configuration channel)? No, you can only upload to a specified configuration channel from the client.

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