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Feature Title

Reviewed by:


Define why the feature should be added, this could be because of customer feedback, marketing reasons, etc.


Requirements this feature must fulfill. Include any use cases which are used to drive this feature. Be descriptive, how does it affect the command line tools? What about the web UI? How will the user interact with the feature?

Other Feature Impact

Describe how this new feature / change will affect other features in the product, both existing and new ones.

  • UI
  • API

Proposed Implementation

Describe how we plan on implementing or fixing the feature. Point out changes that need to occur in UI, server-side, command line clients, database, etc.

  • UI
  • Add a URL widget to the some page.
  • Server-side
  • Add a server-side task to download the data from some known location.

Known Issues

issues that we know exist with the spec and we should write them down so that they are

known up front when the spec is approved. If an issue is severe enough, it could warrant the feature not being included in the release/roadmap or delayed until those issues can be addressed.

Future Enhancements


Supply some pseudo code and/or links to actual sample code. Screenshots are also considered sample code.


Break down the work items probably in a table structure. Is there webui work? what about cli? database? etc.

Description Estimate Confidence
Add support user role to database 1h 5
Make support user role available to UI 4h 4

Test Notes

Describe a high-level test plan. Could contain links to testopia (except those links are internal so would look weird in a spec on Spacewalk's wiki).


List out the risks and concerns for a particular feature. I.e. will it make upgrades particularly difficult? Will it cause a full regression test? etc.