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Orafce Testing


The Motive of the testing is to make sure that Orafce "Oracle Function " features is compatible with Postgres and also used by spacewalk.

The minimum supported version of Postgres is PG 8.1+.

Targeted version of Orafce is 3.0.0.

About Orafce Features

Orafce: Oracle support functions http://www.postgres.cz/index.php/Oracle_functionality_(en))

Oracle Compatible Function's of Orafce being used in Spacewalk

| Function Name | Remarks | | | --- | --- | | DBMS_OUTPUT | To see the data we must have to enable the serveroutput on also we need to Use select statement before DBMS_OUTPUT,we can also use in RETURN statement of Plpgsql fuctions | | NVL | It is almost Compatible with oracle but it give Error due to its PG limitation for ex:-select nvl('a','b') from dual;ERROR: could not determine anyarray/anyelement type because input has type "unknown".Comments which i have got from Itagaki: "Yeah, PostgreSQL 8.2 has a limitation in treating anyelement.Please use 8.3 or add explicit type casts".so this is applicable for 8.1 too | | NVL2 | same commets which has given for NVL | | ROUND | spacewalk is using this function like RETURN and IF statement | | TRUNC | spacwalk is using this function for passing to variable i.e target_date := trunc(add_months(sysdate,-months_ago)-(7weeks_ago)) | | SUBSTR | It is better to use oracle.substr instead of substr in PG because by default it will search in pg_catalog.substr which is not oracle compatible | | INSTR | It is using in IF,inside Substr function | | DECODE | Same comments which has given for NVL2 | | LENGTH | it is commanly using in DBMS_OUTPUT,SUBSTR,IF,FOR Loop | | LAST_DAY | using this function for passing to variable i.e target_date := last_day(target_date) | | ADD_MONTHS | one of the sql statment using by spacewalk is add_months(sysdate,-5)-(75) , if we changed sysdate to current_timestamp and try to run this query, it will throw an error saying:-ERROR: function add_months(timestamp with time zone, integer) does not exist,to avoid this error ,either we can use explicit type casting OR instead of using Current_timestamp ,we can use current_date. | | BITAND | Being used in the function adler32 |

Oracle Compatible Function's of Orafce NOT being used in Spacewalk




About the Bugs and Issue's raised so far ...

Reported in January http://lists.pgfoundry.org/pipermail/orafce-general/2009-January/thread.html.

Reported in Feburary http://lists.pgfoundry.org/pipermail/orafce-general/2009-February/thread.html.

Test Cases

The Test cases file has been uploaded in this link ,the sql file name is "orafce_testcases_version0.1.sql"


1.Oracle grouping function is not supported by Orafce.

./schema/util/scripts/hwreport.sql:--    DECODE(GROUPING(model), 1, 'All Models', model) "CPU Model",
./schema/util/scripts/hwreport.sql:--    DECODE(GROUPING(rhnCpuSpeedRangeFunc(mhz)), 1, 'All Speeds',


{{{ It is Commented so we should not worry for this. }}}

2.In Most of the function ,we have to use explicit type casting because PostgreSQL 8.2/8.1 has a limitation in treating anyelement-

Example:-select decode(1,1,null::int) }}}

for more detail pls review test-case file(orafce_testcases_version0.1.sql)

Sql File's Location

Sql File Location for Oracle(Supported by Orafce) Built-in functions using by spacewalk


  • This is all about Orafce Feature's apart from this, there are other Single-row functions which are Using by spacewalk which has been taken care in other wiki page.

  • Grouping is not a part of Orafce Feature but still mentioning here .

  • Orafce 3.0.0 testing done aganist PG8.1 . currently one has to update the orafce 3.0.0 with CVS to run against PG8.1