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Heya Spacewalkers,

Spacewalk 0.7 is finally here!<arch>/<arch>/<arch>/

For the first time we split server and client part. Client repo is:<arch>/<arch>/<arch>/

Make sure to read over the installation again:

If you are upgrading from older release, please checkout:

Features & Enhancements

  • new script "spacewalk-report" allows you to create reports with output to CSV file

  • pages with erratas have column with links to CVE description, erratas can be filtered by its type

  • Spacewalk can be installed on Fedora 12

  • Top level package spacewalk do not exists any more. It has been split into spacewalk-oracle and spacewalk-postgresql, which depends on oracle or postgresql library. Note: postgresql version is highly experimental.

  • Spacewalk now tracks date and time of package installation

  • Config channels now can handle symlinks.

  • Support for WebUI based KVM guest management & provisioning.

  • New script "monitoring-data-cleanup" allows you to delete old monitoring data.

  • New script "NOCpulse-ini" allows you edit NOCpulse.ini configuration file.

  • Base client packages are now in Fedora. That means you are now able to register Fedora machine to Spacewalk, without setting up additional repository.

  • Spacewalk repositories have been split to server and client parts.

  • Client tools now can report diff in selinux context.

  • Satellite-sync improvements.

  • API call system.listPackages now return additional field "installtime".

...and of course many bugfixes

Known issues

  • PostgreSQL support still does not work. We will need help with moving this forward.

  • Fedora GPG key not recognized by rhnPackageKey table, packages will show up as unknown Provider.

  • Documentation search does not work, other search are unaffected.

  • The version of rhnsd in this release (rhnsd-4.5.16-1) does not work.


Installation Help

Miroslav Suchy Red Hat Satellite Engineering

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