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Audit Reviewing in Spacewalk

Introduction: What? Why?

This capability was added to Spacewalk to make the lives of Information Assurance teams easier on Linux. See for a short description and some screenshots.

Basic setup

  • Install Spacewalk 0.6 or above.

  • In /etc/rhn/rhn.conf set following and then restart tomcat:

    web.audit.logdir = /var/satellite/systemlogs

  • Download aup.c aup.c

  • Install audit-libs and audit-libs-devel

  • Compile aup: gcc -O2 -s -o /path/to/put/aup aup.c -lauparse

  • cd /var/satellite/systemlogs/ ; mkdir host1{,/audit} host2{,/audit} localhost{,/audit}

  • ausearch -r -ts $START -te $END | /path/to/aup > localhost/audit/audit-$T1-$T2.parsed

    • $T1 and $T2 are unix timestamps describing interval of audits in file.
    • Filename "audit-$T1-$T2.parsed" is mandatory.
    • export START="07/26/2009 00:00:00"
    • export END="08/01/2009 23:59:59"
    • export T1=date -d "$START" +%s``
    • export T2=date -d "$END" +%s``
  • Or, put something like the following in a cronjob (and use pubkey ssh authentication):

    ausearch -r -ts date +"%D %T" -d "$(date -d yesterday +"%D")"
    -te date +"%D %T" -d "$(date -d now +"%D") - 1 seconds" | /path/to/aup |
    ssh spacewalk 'cat > /var/satellite/systemlogs/$OURHOSTNAME/audit/audit-date +"%s" -d "$(date -d yesterday +"%D")"-date +"%s" -d "$(date -d now +"%D") - 1 seconds".parsed'

  • Or, use rsync to sync the entire /var/log over to /var/satellite/systemlogs/$OURHOSTNAME/

  • Make sure that /var/satellite/systemlogs/*/audit/* are readable by tomcat user all the way up from /, e.g.:

    namei -m /var/satellite/systemlogs/spacewalk/audit