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Developer Documentation

This section contains information about developer topics. You may also be interested in User Documentation and downloads.

Design docs

  • Architecture -- a quick overview of the various components in Spacewalk

  • JavaDesign -- design of the Java web UI.

  • Navi -- our navigation system -- understand our own home grown navigation system used throughout the app

  • ListTag -- used for creating lists within the java pages

  • AclDesign -- detailed explanation of ACLs

  • Database

  • JavaDoc -- Documentation of Java code

  • PythonDocumentation -- Documentation of python code

  • XmlrpcHandlers -- understand how to deal with XMLRPC handlers

  • UnitTests -- how to run them

  • CodeAnalysis -- a document going through the java packages describing what they contain and what work is needed.

  • CodeAnalysis -- Analyze of code on

  • TaskoMatic -- Document outlining what taskomatic is and what each task is used for.

  • CobblerIntegration - How spacewalk and cobbler interact

  • Proxy - How Proxy works

Working with the code

Releasing the code



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