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How to modify Spacewalk's DB schema

If you are working with the Spacewalk code and need to make a change to the DB schema please remember todo the following:

  1. Craft yourself an upgrade script that will take the state of the current spacewalk release's schema to the next. Examples of this can be found in:


This script will alter the existing schema with your changes. In correct versioned subdirectory (you will probably want the latest one), pick the next free number and create upgrade scripts. If they are database-specific, you will need to provide both Oracle and PostgreSQL version of the schema upgrades script.

  1. Modify the original schema so fresh installs also contain your changes. The DDL files that are ran during an initial install are found in:

    spacewalk/schema/spacewalk/common spacewalk/schema/spacewalk/oracle spacewalk/schema/spacewalk/postgres

In there you will see subdirs: class data packages procs synonyms tables triggers types views. The tables subdir contains all the definitions for the tables, their indexes and constraits. packages and procs dirs contain our stored procedures and functions. If you are creating a new table that depends on other tables being created before it please view and edit spacewalk/schema/spacewalk/*/tables/tables.deps.

Use the common directory for things that are, well, common syntax, or things that are easily preprocessed -- for example, most of our tables are in the common directory even if they contain varchar2 because we just run substitution for PostgreSQL on the SQL sources.

  1. Run


in the spacewalk/schema/spacewalk directory to check that your changes are sane.

  1. Run

    tito build --test --rpm

in the spacewalk/schema/spacewalk directory to check that your changes will be buildable.