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I've set verify = header_syntax in my ACL, but this causes Exim to complain about header lines like To: Work: Jim <jims@email>, Home: Bob <bobs@email> which look all right to me. Is this a bug?


No. Header lines such as From:, To:, etc., which contain addresses, are structured, and have to be in a specific format which is defined in RFC 2822. Unquoted colons are not allowed in the phrase > part of an email address (they are OK in other headers such as

Subject:). The correct form for that header is

To: "Work: Jim" <jims@email>, "Home: Bob" <bobs@email>

You will sometimes see unquoted colons in To: and Cc: headers, but only in connection with name lists (called groups ), for example:

To: My friends: X <x@y.x>, Y <y@w.z>;,
    My enemies: A <a@b.c>, B <b@c.d>;

Each list must be terminated by a semicolon, as shown.

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