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Release Candidate verification status for Exim version 4.76

SECURITY CRITICAL RELEASE per EximReleasePolicyProposedDraft

There will not be a full week between this release and the final release.

We attempt to work with OS packagers who work with us, but time does not permit us to chase up to get a response from the OSes listed here. The template version of this document includes those OSes who wish to be contacted for a new release. Packagers signing off on a particular release may add themselves here and to the template for future releases, as they see fit.

We also like testing from people who actively use an operating-system, but are unlikely to chase after them for a response.

Table mostly sorted alphabetically by OS; specific versions after the general case or "official maintainer"

OS Contact Person Official/User Latest RC Tested Notes
Debian ?? Official -
FreeBSD Ports ?? Official -
FreeBSD 7 Phil Pennock User RC1 Release Coordinator
Gentoo ?? Official -
RHEL 4 ?? Official -
RHEL 5 ?? Official -
SuSE ?? Official -
Ubuntu ?? Official -