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Marc "Zugschlus" Haber

Zugschluß is the German word for a train's tail signal which plays an important role in railroad safety systems. With its 8bit char removed and truncated to IRCnet's 9 character limit, Zugschlus has become my nickname for most of my network related activities since 2000.

I am a DebianDeveloper since 2001 and am currently (2006/03) responsible for the Exim 4 packages in Debian GNU/Linux. Exim 4 is Debian's default MTA since Debian 3.1, codename sarge. On this Wiki you can find information about the Debian Exim 4 packages here.

How to reach me

http://www.zugschlus.de/ is my home page, and you can reach me using one of the following ways: