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How can I disable Exim's de-duplication features? I want it to do two deliveries if two different aliases expand to the same address.


This is not possible. Duplication has other ramifications other than just (in)convenience. Consider: . Message is addressed to A and to B. . Both A and B are aliased to C. . Without de-duplication, two deliveries to C are scheduled. . One delivery happens, Exim records that it has delivered the message to C. . The next delivery fails (C's mailbox is over quota, say). Next time round, Exim wants to know if it has already delivered to C or not, before scheduling a new delivery. Has it? Obviously, if duplicate deliveries are supported, it has to remember not only that it has delivered to C but also the history of how that delivery happened - in effect an ancestry list back to the

original envelope address. This it does not do, and changing it to work in that way would be a lot of work and a big upheaval. The best way to get duplicate deliveries if you want them is not to use aliases, but to route the addresses directly to a transport, e.g.

  driver = accept
  local_parts = lsearch;/etc/list/of/special/local/parts
  transport = local_delivery
  user = exim

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