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How can I test that Exim is correctly configured to use a DNS black list such as the Realtime Blackhole List (RBL)?


The -bh option allows you to run a testing SMTP session as if from a given address. The exim_checkaccess utility provides a more packaged version of this facility. You need to know a blocked IP address with which to test. Such a testing address is kindly provided by Russell Nelson:

linux.crynwr.com []

You can also send mail to [nelson@linux.crynwr.com](mailto:nelson@linux.crynwr.com) from the server whose RBL block you are testing. The robot that receives that email will attempt to send a piece of test email in reply. If your RBL block didn't work, you get a message to that effect. Regardless of whether the RBL block succeeds or not, it emails you the results of the SMTP conversation from a host that is not on the RBL, so you can see how your server looks from the view of someone on the RBL.