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When I activate return receipt > for example in Netscape Mailbox sending options, then I get an error

message from Exim... something like not supported. Can I activate delivery confirmations?


Exim does not support any kind of delivery notification.

  1. You can configure it to recognize headers such as urn-receipt-to:if you wish.

  2. Some people want MSN (message status notification). Such services implemented in MUAs, and don't impact on the MTA at all.

  3. I investigated the RFCs which describe the DSN (delivery status fication) system. However, I was unable to specify any sensible way ctually doing anything with the data. There were comments on the ing list at the time; many people, including me, conclude that DSN n practice unworkable. The killer problem is with forwarding and sing. Do you propagate the DSN data with the generated addresses? ou send back a reached end of the DSN world or expanded > message? ou do this differently for different kinds of

    aliasing/forwarding? a user who has a .forward file with a single address in, this t seem easy - just propagate the data. But what if there are several ardings? If you propagate the DSN data, the sender may get back ral DSN messages - and should the sender really know about the il of the receiver's forwarding arrangements? There isn't really way to distinguish between a .forward file that is forwarding one that is a mini mailing list. And so on, and so on. There are so questions that don't have obvious answers.