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@alanhartless alanhartless released this Feb 17, 2020 · 143 commits to 3.x since this release

This is an BETA RELEASE and thus THERE WILL BE BUGS. Please DO NOT use this with production data!

Upgrading from 2.x

Testing from 2.x to 3.x has not been tested yet and thus not supported at this time.

Upgrading from 3.0.0-alpha

It is recommended to do a clean install of 3.0 beta for testing.

mautic.upgrade CLI Command

This will not work due to a bug fixed in beta. Either do a new installation or try the in-app upgrade.


The in app update seems to work from 3.0.0 alpha to beta.

  1. Update your app/config/local.php and add or update 'update_stability' => 'beta',
  2. Delete your prod cache (default in M3 is var/cache/prod
  3. Logout and back in
  4. Check the notifications tray for an update notification
  5. Follow the prompts

Change Log (from 2.x)




A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @alanhartless, @anton-vlasenko, @cesarZubillaga, @Dcoutelle, @dennisameling, @dichvuhuuich, @dongilbert, @Enc3phale, @escopecz, @Gregy, @hluchas, @kuzmany, @lukassykora, @mabumusa1, @mtshaw3, @ondrejsibl, @p365labs, @patrykgruszka

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