Building CEF and Chromium

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The first thing you're going to need to do is clone the brackets and brackets-shell repositories and build brackets-shell following the instructions from the brackets-shell repo.

Next you need to get the Depot_Tools and add it to your path

cd ~/
git clone

Next open your .bash_profile or .bashrc and add ~/depot_tools to your path:

export PATH="$PATH":~/depot_tools

You also need to execute that line in bash or open a new terminal window.

Next you need to add googlecode to the list of trusted certificates for svn

svn list

Next you need to get gyp into a search path. I just copied the one from ~/brackets-shell/gyp to ~/depot_tools.

Next you need to start the process of getting the chromium and cef sources:

cd ~/
svn checkout automate
cd ~/automate
python --url --download-dir download --ninja-build --no-release-build --force-build --force-distrib --force-config

Other flags (documented as we find and need them):

-–force-clean     (deletes intermediates)
--force-update    (deletes webkit so it can be downloaded again)

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