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Walk-through Steps

  1. Launch Brackets if it's not already running. You should be in the "citrus completed" project, so the "citrus completed" folder is visible in the Project panel on the left, and you see "css" and "images" folders and an "index.html" file in the project tree.
  2. If the "citrus completed" is not the current project, click on the triangle next to the project name. If the dropdown show the "citrus completed" project, then select it.
  3. If the project is not in the recent projects list, use File > Open Folder and browse to the "brackets/test/smokes/citrus completed" folder.
  4. Click on index.html. The contents of the file should be displayed in the editor.
  5. Double-click on index.html. Notice that it's added to the working set above the project tree, and the selection changes to the working set.
  6. In the document, set the cursor in the "<body>" tag immediately before the ">".
  7. Enter a space to pop up a list of attribute hints. You can navigate the list with up/down arrow the mouse or keyboard.
  8. Hit Esc key to dismiss the code hints list, then delete the space so the cursor is after the "y" of "body".
  9. Hit Cmd/Ctrl-E to invoke Quick Edit. It should list a single CSS body rule on the right and show the contents of the rule on the left.
  10. Click the lightning bolt in the upper right. You should see the page load in the Chrome browser.
  11. Mac only: after a few seconds you should get a dialog saying you need to relaunch Chrome. Click "Relaunch". Chrome should relaunch and open the page.
  12. Back in Brackets, edit the background color for the tag in the inline editor (#D90 is a nice color). Notice that the color changes in Chrome as you type. Also verify that the CSS file is added to the working set with the dirty bit set.
  13. Hit Cmd/Ctrl-E. Verify that the inline editor closes.
  14. Put the cursor immediately after the "<a" in one of the "<a>" tags in the navbar.
  15. Hit Cmd/Ctrl-E. In the inline editor, you should see a number of rules in the list on the right. Select different rules on the right to change rules.
  16. Make an edit to some text in HTML page that is visible in browser. Note: some text in the page is replaced by logo image via CSS (e.g. first h1 tag and first h2 tag) so edits will not be visible; try updating text in News section.
  17. Verify that text has not yet changed in browser. Use Cmd/Ctrl-S to save changes to HTML file. Verify that saved text changes and unsaved CSS changes are shown in browser.
  18. Undo changes in HTML file and save to get back to original state.
  19. Press shift-cmd-O/shift-ctrl-O (or select Quick Open from the Navigate) menu. You'll see a Quick Open dialog appear at the top of the editor.
  20. Type "d" and you'll see all of the files in the project that contain a "d" listed. The top one is "desktop.css".
  21. Press enter to open that file
  22. Navigate to different rules within the CSS file. You'll see the parts of the page that are affected by the rule highlighted in the web browser. This is called Live Highlighting (if you don't see the highlights, check the File menu and make sure that Live Highlighting has a checkmark next to it)
  23. If you make any changes to the CSS, you'll see those changes reflected immediately in the browser.
  24. Undo any changes you made to the CSS.
  25. Disconnect Live Preview.
  26. Close all files and discard changes.

If Brackets is set up for self-development

Follow the steps above, then:

  1. Use the project select to choose the brackets project
  2. Use Navigate/QuickOpen to open a file
  3. Type "btd" into the QuickOpen dialog. The top match is "brackets_theme_default.less"
  4. Let's try editing the value for @background-color-3. Put the cursor somewhere in the #f8f8f8 and press cmd/ctrl-E for Quick Edit (or select Quick Edit from the Navigate menu)
  5. You'll see a color picker pop up. Pick something that's not too dark.
  6. Press cmd-S to save
  7. Press cmd/ctrl-R or select Reload from the Debug menu to restart Brackets.
  8. See Brackets restart with the lovely color you chose as the background. Nearly everything in Brackets can be changed this easily.
  9. Navigate back to the @background-color-3 variable and set the value back to #f8f8f8