Brackets Community Testing

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None of the Brackets core team currently runs Linux day-to-day, so we need Linux community testing to ensure that Brackets releases are high quality on Linux.

All help from community is welcome, so we provide builds on all platforms.


Installer builds will be provided as a Github Release using prerelease flag. First set of builds are made from release branch. Additional builds will be made as necessary (i.e. may not need a new build if only update are string changes). Always uninstall prerelease builds before installing the next build - otherwise the later build may not install correctly (since it will have the same version number).

To extract a Windows build without installing it, run:
msiexec /a <path to .msi file> /qb TARGETDIR=<destination folder abs path>
(if there are spaces in either path, make sure to use quotes)

This will extract the files without actually running a "real" install (see this info) - ignore the smaller .msi file that it extracts and look in the 'Brackets' folder next to it.

You can also clone the Brackets source from git and checkout the release branch for testing.

Testing Instructions

Community will have a week for testing. Brackets Team will post to Brackets-Dev Forum with links to builds, testing dates, and other details.

Basic testing instructions are:

A list of new features for release will also be provided with specific testing instructions, as necessary.

Any other testing is also welcome. Be sure to test new features in conjunction with your usual workflow.

For testing with a cloned version, please run all unit tests.


Issues should be created in github same as any other bug. See How to Report an Issue for more details.

Extensions should also be tested. Issues with extensions should be opened in the repo of the extension. If the cause of the Issue is in core Brackets, then the Extension Author will open an Issue in Brackets.


Community should reply to Brackets-Dev Post with their results. Please provide info such as:

  • OS/Version tested
  • Build number from About Dialog
  • If any issues were opened, let us know your github id for easy lookup
  • What was tested
  • What couldn't be tested & why
  • Any other comments


Let us know what more we can do to make testing easier, more effective, etc.