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Release Notes: Sprint 33

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What's New in Sprint 33

Full change logs: brackets and brackets-shell

UI Changes

Inline editors - All inline widgets (Quick Edit, Quick Docs, etc.) have added an "x" Close button in the upper-left.

API Changes

Lo-Dash utils - Now included in Brackets, replacing the following Brackets APIs:

  • Removed Async.whenIdle - use _.debounce
  • Removed NumberUtils.getRandomNumber() - use _.random (entire NumberUtils module was removed)
  • Deprecated StringUtils.htmlEscape - use _.escape
  • Deprecated CollectionUtils.indexOf - use _.findIndex
  • Deprecated CollectionUtils.forEach - use _.forEach
  • Deprecated CollectionUtils.some - use _.some
  • Deprecated CollectionUtils.hasProperty - use _.has

The deprecated functions now simply call over to the corresponding Lo-Dash function.

Image files - getCurrentDocument() and getActiveEditor() will return null any time an image is open. Use getCurrentlyViewedPath() if you need to get the current file even when it's an image. See the Preview Images Spec for details.

Inline editors - InlineTextEditor.editors (array of Editors) was removed and replaced with InlineTextEditor.editor (single Editor). With current usage, there was never more than a single element in the array anyway, so this simplifies the API.

All InlineWidget subclasses now have a close button automatically inserted at a fixed position in the upper-left. Ensure your widget's UI stays clear of this area.

Extension load order - User/dev extensions are now loaded after all built-in Brackets extensions have loaded. Previously, the order was unpredictable - making menu item order inconsistent.

Dialogs - Modal Dialogs are now auto-centered both horizontally and vertically over the Brackets Window. Extensions that set custom margins on a dialog's top level DOM node may conflict with this.

Files - FileUtils.canonicalizeFolderPath() is deprecated (it actually makes paths not canonical: the standard format used by DirectoryEntry.fullPath includes a trailing "/", while this function removes the trailing "/"). Use stripTrailingSlash() if you need to explicitly un-normalize a path.

ProjectManager.getInitialProjectPath() and updateWelcomeProjectPath() now include a trailing "/" as well (previously they did not). (No known extensions use these APIs).

New/Improved Extensibility APIs

Lo-Dash - utility library is now available in Brackets.

Known Issues

  • Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) by default will not allow Brackets to run since it's not digitally signed yet. To work around this, right click the Brackets app and choose Open. You only need to do that once -- afterward, launching Brackets the normal way will work also.
  • #2272: Windows Vista may not allow the Brackets installer to run (you may not see any error message). To work around this, right-click the installer file, choose Properties, and click the Unblock button.
  • #4362: Slow startup of Brackets and Live Preview on Windows due to Chrome proxy settings. See workaround.
  • Debug > Run Tests is disabled in the installer/DMG distributions of Brackets, because the unit test code is not included. To run unit tests, pull Brackets from GitHub instead.

Community contributions to Brackets

Pulling source code from Git

  • A new brackets-shell build is required for this sprint (API change on Mac, Dark Shell fixes on Windows). Be sure to rerun grunt setup before building.
  • Some submodules were updated this sprint. Run git submodule update to ensure your source tree is fully up to date.

Bugs fixed in Sprint 33

For details on the bugs addressed, please refer to closed sprint 33 bugs. A few of the fixed bugs might not be caught by this search query, however.

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