Dependency Analysis

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Circular dependencies between RequireJS modules can be tricky. Here are some tools for analyzing dependencies within the Brackets codebase.

Visualize the whole dependency graph

npm install -g dependo
dependo --format cjs --exclude "/node_modules/|/extensions/|/nls/|/node/|/jquery-ui/|/unittest-files/|/tests/|/test/|/spec/" <<path_to_brackets_src>> > dependencyView.html

Then open the HTML file in a browser and wait a minute for the graph positioning to stabilize.

Warning: mousing over a node will make the browser tab freeze for a bit.

Find dependency tree of a single module


This tells you all the modules that immediately depend on your target module:

npm install -g madge
madge --format cjs --exclude "/node_modules/|/extensions/|/nls/|/node/|/jquery-ui/|/unittest-files/|/tests/|/test/|/spec/" --depends <<src-relative module path sans .js>> .

But that's not very useful since you could just search for require(<<src-relative module path>>) in the code...

Find all circular dependencies