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Is there something you'd like to see in Brackets?

We keep our backlog of feature ideas on our Trello board. You can vote for the features you'd most like to see by clicking on a card and clicking the "vote" button.

Some of the most popular feature requests

Don't see the feature that's on your mind? Take a look below for tips on finding the feature you're interested in.

How to find a feature on Trello

There's a good chance that the feature you're interested in has already been suggested and you just need to upvote it. We have a lot of cards on our Trello board, which can make finding the one you want a little challenging.

Trello has a search box at the top, which may find what you're looking for. I often use the slightly hidden "Filter" feature:

Here's how you do it:

Show the Sidebar

Open the Menu

Click on the Filter option

Enter your search or select labels

For example, if you type SASS into the filter box, Trello will show all of the cards related to adding SASS features.

Don't see the feature you're interested in?

Feel free to put a request in via GitHub issues. The team will periodically review these and move them into Trello.