Release Notes: Sprint 16

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What's New in Sprint 16

Full change logs: brackets and brackets-shell

UI Changes

Extensions folder - The location where you install extensions has changed. See above for details.

Project settings - A Project Settings dialog is accessible from the File menu or the project dropdown menu in the sidebar. Currently the only setting available is the Live Preview Base URL.

Code hinting - Tab and Enter now work exactly the same when accepting a code hint suggestion.

API Changes

Extensions folder - The src/extensions/user folder has been removed. Use src/extensions/dev for developing extensions (or the new user-specific folder described above, but note that unit tests will only be read from the dev location).

Require 2.1.1 - For better error handling while loading extensions, we've upgraded) from Require 1.0.3 to 2.1.1.

EditorManager focus handling - The "focusedEditorChange" event was renamed to "activeEditorChange". New getActiveEditor() API: similar to getFocusedEditor(), but doesn't return null when focus temporarily lies in auxiliary UI like the search bar. EditorManager.focusEditor() now focuses whichever Editor last had focus (full-size or inline; previously, it would always focus the full-size editor).

Code hinting - Code hint providers can now control whether accepting a suggestion should close the code hint popup or keep it open with updated hints (previously this was controlled by which key the user used, but Enter and Tab no longer behave differently). Return true from handleSelect() to close the popup, or false to leave it open if more hints are available after inserting the suggestion. The 4th argument to handleSelect() has been removed.

Adding panels - If you add a panel below the editor area, make sure you add it above the new status bar. Use insertBefore("#status-bar") or insertAfter(".bottom-panel:last"). (This applies to Sprint 15 as well, but was left out of its release notes).

Quick Open - QuickOpen.stringMatch() now supports looser matching, including CamelCase matching. This is transparent to Quick Open providers that use basicMatchSort() and the default results formatter. Providers using a custom formatter should use the new QuickOpen.highlightMatch() utility to ensure the right chars are bolded in the list item.

Rename - ProjectManager.renameSelectedItem() has been replaced with renameItemInline(), where the item to rename is explicitly passed in. Commands.FILE_RENAME now functions if the selection highlight lies in the working set instead of the folder tree.

Working set - The order of entries in the working set can now change. DocumentManager dispatches "workingSetReorder" or "workingSetSort" when this occurs. (Note: these events are likely to change soon: see #2076).

New/Improved Extensibility APIs - Displays a folder in the OS shell

EditorManager.getActiveEditor() - See above.

Resizeable panels - Panels created via Resizer.makeResizable() can now be toggled open/shut programmatically via new methods on Resizer, or by the user (via drag or double-click) if true is passed for the new collapsible argument. Panel size is remembered across launches, keyed by panel's DOM id. Dispatches new events "panelResizeStart", "panelResizeUpdate", and "panelCollapsed"/"panelExpanded".

Menus - Use Menu.removeMenuItem() to remove a command from a given menu.

Known Issues

  • Previous versions of the PhoneGap Build extension do not work with this release. Download an updated version via the link above.
  • #1551: Changes within an extension (or a unit test) are not reflected by a simple "Debug > Reload Brackets." Workarounds:
    • Quit and re-launch Brackets to pick up the changes.
    • Open Developer Tools, click the gear icon in the lower-right, and select "Disable cache." This setting is remembered, but is only in effect so long as the Developer Tools browser tab remains open.
  • Debug > Run Tests is disabled in the installer/DMG distributions of Brackets, because the unit test code is not included. To run unit tests, pull Brackets from GitHub instead.
  • Debug > Show Developer Tools opens in a new tab in Chrome, rather than a new window in Brackets.
  • #1283: Text selection highlight sometimes jiggles when horizontally resizing window.
  • Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) by default will not allow Brackets to run since it's not digitally signed yet. To work around this, right click the Brackets app and choose Open. You only need to do that once -- afterward, launching Brackets the normal way will work also.

Community contributions to Brackets

Contributions from Brackets

Bugs fixed in Sprint 16

For details on the bugs addressed, please refer to closed sprint 16 bugs. A few of the fixed bugs might not be caught by this search query, however.