Release Notes: Sprint 7

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What's new in Sprint 7

Most of the work we did in Sprint 7 was to implement the new visual design for Brackets from our XD team. Overall, this should be self-explanatory :), but here are some notes:

  • The "Go Live" button (which starts live development) is now a lightning bolt icon on the right side of the title bar.
  • All existing Brackets functionality has been added to the in-app menus. (We'll move these out to the native menus eventually in the desktop version.)
  • To better match the dark background, the scrollbars in the sidebar have been made "unobtrusive", meaning that they appear only on mouseover, and are styled to match the background. This implementation isn't ideal yet, and it should be replaced with a better implementation eventually.
  • And, of course, Brackets is now open source! Yay!

Known issues in Sprint 7

  • Sometimes CEF's browser cache gets corrupted. If you're getting crashes or find that it's not remembering the last folder you opened in the sidebar, you can delete the cache folder at ~/Library/Application Support/com.adobe.Brackets.cefCache (Mac) or ...<username>\AppData\Roaming\Brackets\cefCache (Win).
  • Pasting text multiple times adds an extra blank line each time after the first.
  • The Brackets native shell sometimes crashes while running unit tests.
  • The scroll position isn't kept for files that aren't in the working set, so if you browse around in the file tree, you'll always start at the top of the file.
  • Open and Quick Open don't add files to the working set automatically.
  • Resizing the window feels sluggish.
  • Autoindent on return may not always do what you want, especially for multi-line argument lists in JS function calls.
  • Touchpad throw scrolling appears jittery due to issues with the mousewheel events generated by WebKit (

Upcoming features

Here are some things we're planning to do over the next few sprints:

  • Performance and extensibility architecture work
  • Let you set breakpoints in JS directly from Brackets
  • Add other kinds of inline editors, like for tweaking CSS gradients
  • Add replace functionality (and make the find feature more official)
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