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**Installing Sundials **

NOTE: In the current trunk version and in all releases v1.5.0beta or later, the Sundials source code is included with CasADi and does not need to be installed separately. Follow the instructions below only if you are using an older version (before 30d352b9d4d35fda095707359513df784981a7f1).

While Sundials can also be grabbed from repositories as above, we recommend you to download and install it from sources. (In particular, the sundials in Debian 6.0 is known to be incompatible. Cmake will warn "-- Could not find sundials libs", and if you try adding the missing symlink to, the build will likely fail with "casadi/interfaces/sundials/cvodes_internal.hpp:112: error: ‘DlsMat’ has not been declared")

Download Sundials (currently versions 2.4 and 2.5 are supported) from website, and unpack it to some directory:

mkdir build
cd build
../configure CFLAGS="-g -O2 -fPIC" --prefix=/usr/local ..
sudo make install
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